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Building Surveyor

An Exciting, Rewarding Career in Construction

Working as a building surveyor could see you earn great money & make a big impact on some prestigious projects.

So, you’re thinking of becoming a building surveyor. You’re certainly not alone, as it’s fast becoming an extremely popular career choice – for both young people just starting out and experienced workers looked for a change. It’s a challenging yet rewarding career, and it’s one that offers real progression and benefits. So, how can you get involved – and what kind of money will you be earning? Here you’ll find the answers to those questions, along with a little bit of insight on what you can expect from a typical day on the job.

About the job

First things first – what are the typical responsibilities of a building surveyor? Well, they are there to provide expert advice to everyone from homeowners to construction and property professionals. They are, to put it bluntly, to make sure that a building is structurally sound and safe for use. So you’ll need to be a good problem solver with an eye for detail. You’ll be working on existing buildings, where you will offer advice and insight on factors such as building defects as well as transformative work such as alterations, restoration and renovations, and extensions. You can also expect to play a big part in the design and construction of new buildings.


What kind of qualifications will you need? You will first need to complete a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) accredited degree in a relevant subject. These include surveying, construction, civil engineering, and building engineering. After that you’ll move on to professional development training. If you don’t have a RICS accredited degree, don’t worry! There are options including studying for a postgraduate qualification at an RCIS accredited university or through a company’ graduate training scheme. For more information, head on over to the RICS and find out which path is best for you.


So what can a building surveyor expect to earn? Well, a person just starting out in the field will be looking at around £22,000 to £26,000 – certainly a respectable figure. As you gain experience and credibility, you’ll see your earnings increase to around £28,000 to £40,000. Highly experienced building surveyors can go on to earn up to £70,000, with partners and directors even commanding more than that. So it’s a career that’s well paid, and your hard work will be rewarded with a healthy increase in your yearly earnings.

Ample opportunities await

While it’s a career that offers stability and progression, working as a building surveyor certainly isn’t boring! You can expect to be working on a site carrying out a measured building survey one day, and then acting as an expert witness during legal proceedings the next. So it’s a career that will allow you to gain experience across various areas of the industry. Given enough time, you’ll be able to become an expert in your field, and could help to deliver prestigious building projects in the private and public sector. So will you make the change? Whatever stage of your career you’re at, training to become a building everyone could be the start of a very prosperous future!

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