Protecting School Premises During The Lockdown

By 27th April 2020Miscellaneous

String Of Attacks On UK Schools During Pandemic

As UK schools are under attack during the quarantine, make sure that the assets in your school are fully protected during this challenging time.

UK schools closed their doors to all but the children of keyworkers on 20th March, 2020. When the government broke news of this Draconian measure as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, the emphasis was on the safety and wellbeing of schoolchildren and those that they come into contact with. Few could have predicted that school premises would be heartlessly attacked as a consequence of this decision.

UK Schools Under Attack

Gosfield School in Essex was robbed on March 23rd when thieves broke into the kitchen to steal vital supplies. During the theft, four large commercial freezers were removed from the premises which were filled with food, along with all of the kitchen’s dry goods and the contents of the catering fridges too. As a result, the school explained that they would not be able to feed the children of key workers who were still attending the school, nor the staff on duty.

In Glasgow, three schools were vandalised in the Cathcart area of the city between April 1st and 2nd. Police are looking into whether these three incidents are connected.

A third attack occurred at the Castle Wood School in Wood End, Coventry which is a special needs school. Vandals smashed several windows at the school on March 25th, then returned on the 26th to attack the roof.

Other countries are noticing a similar pattern of crime occurring at their schools during the Covid-19 lockdown. The Department of Basic Education in South Africa reports that 397 schools have been vandalised during the first three weeks of lockdown.

Keeping Schools Safe

When the government eases the social distancing restrictions and allows the schools to reopen, it’s in everybody’s interests that the buildings are found to be in the same condition as they were left. Supplies, kitchen equipment and learning tech are all vital assets for a school and must be kept safe and secure throughout the lockdown.

The best way to keep these assets safe is to invest in the latest security strategies to ensure that schools remain fully ‘locked down’ from intruders during the quarantine.

Securing Access Points

Look at the main access points to your school property. These are usually over the gate or wall into the school yard, through the front door or through the windows. If your doors and windows need updating, then it’s important to opt for modern solutions that carry the Secured by Design logo. SBD doors and windows have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they’re able to ‘design out crime’. This police-backed initiative improves the security of buildings and their surroundings by dissuading intruders and preventing them from being able to gain access.

You might couple your Secured by Design access solutions with sophisticated CCTV surveillance to ensure that your entire site is fully covered during the entire lockdown and beyond.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is an example of a situation which has brought out the very best and the very worst in people. Whilst key workers fight against this global virus, others are using it as an opportunity to carry out inexcusable crimes. Keep our schools safe and worth waiting for by investing in top-notch security during this challenging time.