Is SMSTS Training Right for Me?

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Everything You Need to Know

Have you been wondering whether you should undertake SMSTS training? Then read on for everything that you need to know.

Whether you are a site manager or a surveyor, you need to be sure that you have all the training you need to carry out your role safely – not just for your own welfare, but the team you are in charge of. Here we’ll talk about a SMSTS course, helping you to decide if it’s right for you. We’ll also tell you where to find the best SMSTS training Essex has to offer.

Who is it for?

First things first, who is the course suitable for? It’s a must for site managers, agents and quantity surveyors and is also recommended for construction and project directors. Additionally, if you are planning to take on more responsibilities and step into a supervisor’s role at work, then this course will help you to prepare for that.

To put it simply – if you are or you’re going to be in charge of a group of people, then this course will equip you with all the knowledge that you need to keep them safe.

What does the course include?

It can help to know what a course entails before you sign up for it, just so that you can be sure that it’s right for you. SMSTS training covers everything that you would need to know about enforcing the health and safety code of practice on any construction site. You will learn all about the benefits of carrying out regular risk assessments, and you will be given the tools to identify, monitor and control any dangers on your site.

How is it delivered?

The course is delivered over the course of five full days, so it is a pretty comprehensive programme. The length of the course means that you get to cover everything in detail, and you are also given the chance to ask questions and further your learning through insight from your course leader. In order to successfully complete the training, you need to attend every single session. You simply can’t afford to miss a moment.

Finding the best course provider

Of course, a course is nothing without an expert tutor. If you are going to get the most out of your SMSTS training, you need to find a great provider. Target Zero have been bringing fantastic SMSTS training to clients all over Essex for some time, and their expertise in the field is unparalleled. Courses are held in a wide range of locations all over the county, so you are sure to find one at a venue near you.

Why refresher courses are important

Health and safety in the workplace is important, and that’s why it’s vital to keep on top of rules and regulations. The legislation around healthy and safety on construction sites is always changing, and that’s why managers and supervisors in the industry refresh their knowledge. The qualification you gain from SMSTS training lasts for five years, but as new laws and regulations are always being introduced, taking a refresher course every three years or so is recommended.

Find out more today!

Want to find out more? Reach out to the team at Target Zero today, and they will answer all of your questions and have you booked onto a SMSTS training course near you in no time at all!

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