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How To Get Ahead In The Industry

Hotel management has a seriously glamorous reputation, but you need to put in a lot of hard work to get to the top.

So, you want to get into hotel management? Then you’re in good company! This lucrative career path is one that’s more popular than ever. As hotel chains expand over the globe and travellers expect the same high service wherever they go, hotel managers are in demand all across the world. It’s for this reason it’s considered one of the most glamorous careers, but it has a serious side too. A good hotel manager needs to be able to solve problems quickly and keep their cool in the most challenging situations. If that sounds like you, here’s how to get started.


First things first, you need the right qualifications. There are many courses you can take advantage of, whatever stage of your education you are currently at. A degree in hospitality, hotel management or something similar is recommended if you want to secure a middle or top tier managerial role – although it’s not essential in every case. Apprenticeships offer a more vocational route into the profession, and are becoming just as popular as degrees.


Experience is essential. You can have all the qualifications in the world, but they’ll mean nothing if you’re not able to apply the skills you’ve picked up. Graduate schemes are a great option for those who have just left university, as they’ll give you a chance to experience all areas of hotel management. Alternatively, if you’ve decided to forego university, you can earn your chops by working your way up from a more junior position such as a front of house manager or kitchen supervisor.

Finding the right position

There’s no right or wrong kind of hotel to work at, because a wider range of experience will help you in the long run. Some start off in big hotel chains before progressing onto independent hotels, while others do it the other way around. There are lots of hotels in Herts to choose from, from sprawling country retreats to chic inner-town boutique hotels. Apply to a few, and don’t let any of your preconceptions cloud your judgement. Being a great hotel manager means keeping an open mind and embracing unpredictability, and that’s the approach you should take when kick-starting your career.

Career progression

So what progression is available once you’ve made it as a hotel manager? Well, it depends on what kind of hotel you’re working in. If your hotel is part of a chain, you may be invited to join the ranks of regional management. Likewise, if you work for a global group, you may be able to work overseas helping to get new hotels off the ground. As your expertise and reputation grow, you’ll find that more and more doors open, and you’ll often be sought out for consultancy and new positions.

Could it be the job for you?

However you get into hotel management, you can look forward to a career where no two days are the same. Travellers all have different wants and needs, and overseeing all the elements that come together to make their stay perfect is so rewarding. So why not do some research and see if it’s an industry that would suit you?

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