5 Top Remote Working Jobs During Covid-19 Pandemic

By 27th April 2020Miscellaneous

Telecommuting Work Suitable For Lockdown

Some jobs are perfect for working right through the lockdown period. If you’re struggling to find work, or wish to expand your options, check out these jobs.

The remote job market has been transformed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though telecommuting was on the rise, the quarantine has forced countless companies to adopt working from home as a strategy for the majority of their workforce. It’s likely that the pandemic could permanently change working patterns for a vast number of organisations. Employers now understand how easy it is to use collaborative tools such as Zoom, Slack and Trello whilst employees love the lack of commute and ability to be around their families more.

For those who are not currently employed, there are also plenty of remote working jobs that are perfectly suited for anyone with an internet connection. Review the following ways to earn an income by working online.

Online Transcription Services

If you have excellent grammar skills and a typing speed of at least 50-75wpm, then audio transcription work could be a great fit for you. The job involves listening to a file and then typing it out accurately word for word, to provide your client with a meaningful interpretation of the audio. This type of work is available through freelancing sites, or agencies. You might expect to earn anything between £6-16 per hour, with more available for specialist transcription work such as legal or medical audios.

IT Programming

There’s no need to be based onsite as an IT programmer, which is why so many organisations are happy to source programming talent from all corners of the globe when they need a project to be completed. Approximately 12% of programmers were 100% remote working before the lockdown began, amounting to an average of 60% more experience than those who were based in a traditional office environment.


So long as your clients can get their records to you, then working as a virtual accountant or bookkeeper is very straightforward. By using online accounting software, your clients will easily be able to share their financial records with you, allowing you to crunch the numbers just as you would if you were based in a traditional office. UK accountants may find themselves especially busy during the quarantine as clients have plenty of queries about the furloughing schemes and self-employed grants now available.


Whether you write blogs, pages for websites or social media posts, if you’re a wizard with words then copywriting is a fantastic way to make money whilst working from home. You may have your own clients or sign up with a marketing agency to receive orders and you’ll usually be paid per word. Either way, you could be writing for a skincare site in Australia one day, and a small B&B in the Highlands the next.

Online Tutoring

UK schools have closed, and parents have been thrown into the chaotic struggle of having to work fulltime at home whilst schooling their children too. For many, this is too much of a juggle and parents have turned to the internet for help. As well as relying on free online resources, online tutors are able to provide personalised tuition to help children get through their 11 plus exams later this year, or simply to give extra guidance in challenging areas of Maths and English. Online tutors can carry out sessions via Skype or Zoom for example, so if you’re a UK graduate with a passion for teaching, then this could be the perfect role for you to get involved with.

The pandemic is an excellent time for us all to evaluate our lifestyle and our options. If any of these remote working options appeal, then there’s no better time to get started than today!